Permanon Car Interior Cleaner

Car Interior Cleaner

Permanon Interior Cleaner is a highly concentrated liquid with very good cleaning properties. It effortlessly removes dirt and residues from textiles (upholstery, velour, microfibre fabric), plastic, rubber, aluminium, painted wood and much more.

Its balanced composition of biodegradable and anionic surfactants combines exceptional cleaning power with gentle treatment of the surfaces to be cleaned, specially adapted to the types of dirt found in the car. The product leaves behind a fresh pleasant, yet neutral odour. It is equally well suited for cleaning leather and imitation leather surfaces.


  • Permanon Interior Cleaner Concentrate can be used at a very low dosage.
  • The application concentration is usually 2-4 %, depending on the type and amount of soiling.

Spray the application solution onto the soiled surfaces and, after a short reaction time, treat with a sponge, soft brush or microfibre cloth. Take up the dissolved dirt with a clean and damp microfibre cloth, in between rinsing the cloth with clear water from time to time. Permanon Interior Cleaner is also ideal for use in a steam vacuum cleaner. Due to its special composition, the cleaner is heat-stable and low-foaming. Due to the low foam development, it can also be used excellently with wet hoovers.

Our Permanon interior cleaner is predestined for the following types of soiling:

  • Stains
  • dust
  • grease
  • nicotine
  • Beverage and food residues (such as chocolate)
  • animal dirt


For stubborn dirt, prepare a 5-6% solution with tap water (important), otherwise a 2-4% solution.

Concentrate and ready to use

Permanon products are highly concentrated and thus need to be diluted with water before use. Ready to use products, on the other hand, are a pre-prepared mixture ready for immediate use, which is not available for this product.

Concentrate 100% pure

All Permanon products are concentrates and can be mixed with normal tap water between 3% - 5%. This means that 5%, i.e. 50 ml, must be taken from the concentrate and diluted with 1,000 ml of water. At 3%, 500 ml yields approx. 17 litres of ready-to-use solution. Important: The self-prepared solution with tap water has a shelf life of approx. 3 weeks.

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