Very small air resistance thanks to Aircraft Supershine, the surface protection for aviation, proved positive for helicopters, gliders, propeller and jet aircraft.

In the times of mass tourism, international air travel and global increase in passenger transport volumes it is absolutely essential to maintain all highly stressed areas in and outside of the aircraft consistently in a reliable manner. In everyday operation the many aircrafts in service are expected to have a modern, attractive image according to relevant ecological standards, which symbolize a high level of functionality, maintenance and safety.

Soot sediments and traces of usage on exterior areas of the aircraft can easily be removed after previous sealing. This also applies to other aviation systems, from helicopters to micro-light aircrafts up to sport planes and private jets.

Our care product Permanon Aircraft stands for the highest quality demands!

Highly frequented places both on the outside and on the inside of airplanes or helicopters e.g.:

  • outer shell with strong temperature fluctuations 
  • propellers and turbines
  • chassis and mechanics
  • cockpit and aircraft kitchens / baggage bins and storage compartments 
  • light, ventilation and service information tables
  • seat-backs, monitors and telephones
  • control buttons etc. 
  • aircraft toilets
  • diaper changing rooms
  • armrests
  • overhead luggage compartments 

In these areas the hygiene status of the airplane can be sustainably improved through the germ inhibiting and disinfecting characteristics of Permanon Aircraft. Also, subsequent cleaning times for follow-up coatings are markedly shortened. 

Durable water repellency can be observed when sealing the wings surfaces. Permanon Aircraft has been developed for the needs of airlines and for the large temperature fluctuations frequently occurring during flight.

Quick and thorough cleaning made easy

Prior to application thoroughly clean and free of grease the surface to be protected, then apply or spray on the surface a 2% solution. Remove excess product, rinse or dry. The high-gloss effect is boosted when the surface is dried with a microfiber cloth. Compared to competitor products Permanon is simple in use as it cleans and protects in one step. This gives you brilliant shine and protection. Moreover, follow-up maintenance/cleaning become easier more than 80%.


  • First-time application: mix PERMANON (2-3%) with water.
  • For shine-renewing a 2% solution is sufficient.

Important note:

  • After mixing with normal tap water the application solution is stable for about three weeks.
  • 1 liter concentrate produces 50 liters of ready-to-use solution at a concentration of 2%.

Concentrate or Ready to use:

Permanon products are highly concentrated and, therefore, must be diluted before use with water. Ready to use products, however, are prefabricated solutions immediately ready for use, which are not available in the Gold line

Concentrate 100% pur

All Permanon products are concentrates and are mixable with regular tap water at 3-5%. This means 3% that is 30 ml must be taken from the concentrate and must be diluted with 1.000 ml water. A mixing rate of 2% equals 500ml which produces about 25 liters ready-to-use solution. Important: the solution freshly prepared with tap water is stable for about three weeks.

Surface protection at a glance

  • Solar

  • Diamond

  • Super Matte

  • On request

  • Yacht

  • Aircraft

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