The specialty cleaner Omega from Permanon easily removes inorganic mineral soiling. 

The strongly acidic cleaner Omega has been optimized for:

  • limescale buildup
  • salts
  • urine scales
  • verdigirs 
  • stubborn dirt e.g. on floors
  • brake dust/wheel rim cleaning 

Quick and thorough cleaning made easy. The Omega concentrate is strongly acidic. It is extremely well-suited for the pre-cleaning of various surfaces, exterior cleaning of trains, truck tarpaulins, marquee tents and in public facilities. For coarse soiling in veterinary areas, commercial kitchens, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals and canteen rooms.

Overview of special cleaners

  • Glass

  • Hecta

  • Omega

  • Sanides

  • Universal cleaning PS Paste

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