Permanon Profi Line Plus

Profi Line Plus

Profi Line Plus is a new and further developed formula from Permanon. The innovative monomeric silicon high-tech technology in combination with hybrid polymers reaches the next level in the field of surface sealing.

Through the perfect harmony of both technologies, the properties of the Permanon sealant have been significantly increased and improved. A great advantage of the sealant is that it does not form a chemical bond with the surface but adheres statically. This means that it can be used to treat all hard surfaces such as painted surfaces, foils, rims, gelcoat, any type of plastic, glass, stainless steel and much more!

The sealant protects the surfaces from dirt such as brake dust, insect and bird droppings, tar, resin and combustion residues, soot, oils and grease encrustations, road salt, fuel deposits and other harmful environmental influences.

In addition, there are the great properties such as:
•Temperature resistant from -40°C to +300°C
• UV-resistant
• Resistant to acids/alkalis from pH 1-10
• And much more

Profi Line Plus protects your surfaces for up to 6 months, depending on the stress on the surface even longer! Profi Line Plus is also an excellent care product (detailer) for all ceramic sealants. Gloss and surface smoothness are thereby increased even more.


For the first application 3 % - 5 %. For refreshing, a 2 % - 3 % solution is sufficient.

Please note:

  • After mixing, the application solution can be stored for approx. 2-3 weeks when mixed with tap water. For a longer shelf life, we recommend distilled water.
  • 1 litre of concentrate yields approx. 50 litres of ready-to-use solution at 2% concentration.

Concentrate and ready to use

Permanon products are highly concentrated and therefore need to be diluted with water before use. Ready to use products, on the other hand, are a pre-prepared mixture that can be used immediately.

Concentrate 100% pure

Many Permanon products are concentrates and can be mixed with conventional tap water between 3% - 5%. This means that 5%, i.e. 50 ml, must be taken from the concentrate and diluted with 1,000 ml of water. At 3%, 500ml yields approx. 17 litres of ready-to-use solution. Important: The self-prepared solution with tap water has a maximum shelf life of approx. 3 weeks.

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