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Since it was founded in 1997, the company has focused on continuous development and further research into the cleaning and care of surfaces. We have divided our products into different product segments. They all serve to clean and seal surfaces down to the pores and thus offer value-preserving care. They complement each other in an excellent way.

Customer feedback

“No more waxing and polishing to achieve a high gloss, Permanon is the perfection in all surface protection that exceeds our customers' expectations.
With Permanon products you have easier cleaning with a superior high gloss finish on all surfaces especially top coats, glass and steel. A perfect choice for high quality yachts.

Press article

Press article
Here we offer you an extract from press articles that have written about Permanon products and their effects in recent years. Some reports are from the international press and therefore not available in German.
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This is what our satisfied customers say about Permanon products after use. Well-known references from the car, boat, aircraft and other sectors. In the articles you will find a link to the thank-you letters from the customers as a PDF file.
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Do you have any questions about Permanon's surface protection products or special cleaners? In this FAQ we answer frequently asked questions from our customers regarding the effect and application. We will also inform you about general questions.
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