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We, the Permanon GmbH, strive to make an active contribution to the protection of our environment through reliability and competence. Our Permanon products are biodegradable and versatile.
Simple application

Simple application

Simple and fast handling without extras. No intensive reworking necessary with Permanon.


New environmentally friendly technology for value-preserving care without harmful toxins and chemicals.
Worldwide distribution

Worldwide distribution

Permanon products are sold nationally and internationally by qualified sales partners.
Surface protection

Surface protection

Protect your surfaces effectively against dirt, dust, UV light and other environmental influences.

Environmentally friendly surface protection

With the latest products PSI+14 Silver Line and Gold Line from Permanon, you not only protect your surfaces, but also the environment. Silver Line is an environmentally friendly surface protection and can be used on most materials:

Painted surfaces and wood, GRP - rubber and plastic covers, plastics and hard synthetic fibers, metals and metal alloys.

Permanon PSI+14 Silver Line is the replacement for our previous Permanon Platinum. With its highly dosed gloss effect, Gold Line is also an environmentally friendly surface protection and can be used on most solid surfaces with an even longer durability.

Quickly and thoroughly with the wheel rim cleaner F

The new wheel rim cleaner F from Permanon is acid-free, quick and easy to use, and absolutely safe in its effect.

Fast cleaning, thorough action and an environmentally friendly formula: A modern cleaning gel for wheel rims has to meet high standards. Efficient cleaning products often contain ingredients that the environment is not happy about. The material-friendly composition of the wheel rim cleaner F, on the other hand, is also ahead of its conventional colleagues in terms of environmental protection.

That's what our satisfied customers say

Permanon References that speak for themselves.

Breaking news: Corona virus - no danger for our surfaces!

Anti-germ against coronavirus
With the use of our special Permanon coating products, you can protect yourself and your environment against the current corona virus, bacteria and fungi, since the germ-inhibiting effect on the surfaces means that spreading is no longer possible.

Permanon worldwide distribution

Permanon worldwide distribution

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