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The Aust Motorsport team, around team owner Frank Aust, can look back on a long history, which began in 1979 with Motorcycle Trail, and developed through karting and rallying to circuit racing. Since 2004, Aust Motorsport has used various touring and sports cars in endurance and sprint series, which has resulted in a remarkable track record with numerous victories and titles.
Since 2016 the team from Rietberg has been involved in the ADAC GT Masters and was already able to shine in the debut season with respectable successes.

Since December 2019, we have been the material sponsor of Motorsport Team Aust as a manufacturer of surface sealants. Our common goal is to reduce the soiling at various parts of the vehicle in order to save time and facilitate subsequent cleaning, but also to ensure that the high-quality materials retain their value. For this purpose we use a wide range of products for maintenance and sealing.

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